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Written by Steve Matousek   
Saturday, 28 January 2012 01:45

I've spoken to a few people in the last week or so about the new Norfolk location. There seems to be some confusion. The Wards corner location is still operating and will be operating until we tell you otherwise. The new location will be open soon but some maintenance issues slowed things down. While we do plan to be operational somewhere around the first week of February we don't have an exact date. alt

BUT TO BE CLEAR: There will not be an extended time when neither store is open. We may even have both locations open at the same time for a bit.

If you want to keep up just keep an eye on this site or the facebook page (www.facebook/com/atlantis.games) or just call the store and ask us.

And on a side note let me say that the new place is coming along great. I'm kind of jealous I won't be there all the time.



PS. I included a pic of the basement. We didn't realize there was a basement until recently. Pretty normal for a military town I guess.

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