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Written by Steve Matousek   
Thursday, 08 December 2011 16:51

altWe just picked up a nice collection of Magic cards at Atlantis Portmsouth. The singles have been selling like hotcakes but we're still pulling cool things out of it. Today we just put a few interesting decks on the shelf.

  • MTG Archenemy Multiplayer (All 4 Decks, No Scheme Cards)  59.99
  • MTG Duel Decks Knights Vs Dragons  19.99
  • MTG Duel Decks Phyrexia Vs The Coalition  19.99
  • MTG Duel Decks Garruk vs Liliana  29.99
  • MTG Duel Decks Elspeth vs Tezzeret  29.99
  • MTG Premium Deck Series: Slivers  35.00

We also still have some English Mana Drains at $90 among other things. And if you really want them we have a few things that are Ebay bound but if you want it just call Steve and tell him you want it.

  • From the Vault: Dragons
  • MTG Duel Decks Divine vs Demonic
  • MTG Duel Decks Jace vs Chandra
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